Rachel Sees Snail Shoes

RACHEL SEES SNAIL SHOES is a handmade sandal and shoe company in Portland OR. All shoes are made by Rachel Corry. She also teaches sandal-making classes throughout the west coast.



Sweedeedee : breakfast and lunch- where i used to work, great everything, not to be missed!

Sardine Head: a bio-wine and seafood pop-up AT sweedeedee fri-mon nights

Ps & Qs market: open 11-9 counter service casual, super yummy and a market too

Milk glass Market: yum breakfast and lunch counter service sweet

viviennes: lovely, delicate breakfast and lunches

LUCE : italian small plates and handmade pasta- lunch + din.

NAVARRE :good wine list, seasonal changing menu, casual and fancy at the same time!

LOVELY'S 50/50 : best pizza ever ever and salads and ice cream and atmosphere

Bollywood: trendy indian street food, yum!

han oak- fancy handmade ramen, odd hours

Nongs : casual/popular chicken+rice vietnamese

WOLF & BEAR : falafel food cart, a few locations

bamboo sushi- local chain w sustainable fish (green machine roll + gin henson cocktail <3)

dove vivi- deep pizza and salads

eb+bean- fro yo and vegan fro yo

hat yai- thai street food 

PaaDee- delicious good quality thai 

Ned Ludd- rustic kitchy oven food, the guy will have a mustache and chops.

por que no:

speailmans bagels:

other bagel shop:


Tusk: trendy LA style, pink+gold, but delish middle eastern

Afuri- japanese ramen chain, only one in the states! 

ava genes: delish italian

Loretta Jean’s: Coconut cream pie, quiche, biscuits, etc

boke bowl- asian bowls fastfood 

bamboo sushi- local chain w sustainable fish (green machine roll + gin henson cocktail <3)

Nostrana: big italian eatery, so wonderful, good for parents 

tabor bread: bakery, lunchy

West side:

Behind the Museum Cafe; quaint japanese cafe

Prasad : healthy bowls, vegan

Maurice: “fika”,amazing pastries, delicate souflé, get the lemon tart. 

Boxer Ramen: 

St jacks: burger!

du kuh bee- korean noodles in beaverton



francés may

shop boswell





stand up comedy

mississippi records

little axe records

zig zag wanderer 

i am that



powells on hawthorne

monograph (!!)


mother foucault

black hat books



PAM (Portland Art Museum)

Lumber Room


Yale Union

Adams & Ollman Gallery


Hollywood Theatre, Cinema 21, Laurelhurst

5th avenue cinema

NW FILM CENTER at The Whitsell Auditorium

The Church of Film

Kennedy School Theatre

rachelpeanutbutter @gmail