Rachel Sees Snail Shoes

RACHEL SEES SNAIL SHOES is a handmade sandal and shoe company in Portland OR. All shoes are made by Rachel Corry. She also teaches sandal-making classes throughout the west coast.

RACHEL SEES SNAIL SHOES makes simple, modern sandals- one pair at a time. RSSS believes in sustainable choices, working small, and empowering people to make their own shoes. Rather than creating just more products for the consumer market, I hope to make unique shoes that have a personal connection to their wearer. Whether you've made your own shoes in my class, or collaborated with me on a custom pair, I want my shoes to stand out as wearable art objects worn with pride and a knowledge of how they were constructed.


About me. My name is Rachel Corry and I make sandals and shoes in Portland, Oregon. I teach sandal-making classes regularly. I believe that learning to make sandals is a great first step if you're interested in making your own shoes.

Rachel Sees Snail Shoes began in 2010. Meeting a clogmaker in the UK first sparked my interest in shoemaking but it wasn't until a fire in my apartment burned all my shoes (!) that I set out to learn to make my own, working to replace my favorite sandals, one pair at a time. I drew upon the wisdom of various shoemakers, cobblers, and old books to help me along my way. 

Visit me at my Studio to see examples of my work or discuss a custom pair. Here you can find a small selection of my handmade shoes as well as Sandal-Making Kits. I'm in the Yale Union building, at 800 SE 10th Ave, at Morrison.

Custom pairs Choose a design from my previous work and email me about variations including color, heel height, or other specifications. It's not necessary to do an in-person fitting, but if you live in Portland, I recommend stopping in. Prices start at 300.

Workshops are scheduled about 4 times per month and can be found on my classes page. In addition to these dates, private classes can be arranged at my studio at any time by emailing me. If you'd like me to visit your town, please email me with venue suggestions. I occasionally host my class through Airbnb Experiences- those available dates can be found here.

I made a SANDALMAKING 101 video. Enroll in my class and try out all Skillshare classes for FREE with this link: http://skl.sh/rcorry

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Testimonials from my Skillshare Video:

I have been a leather craftsman for the last 12 years and I've built a lot of sandals. I know how to do it but I was not sure I could teach somebody else to do it. That's why I came here. To see what it takes. Well, what I got is a lesson in humility. (I'm 50 now, but it's never too late.) She is SPOT-ON, EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. Every craftsman has his own ways of doing things, rarely the same, but if this would be my course, I wouldn't change a word. Rachel, you just earned an old craftsman's respect. Bogdan

SO clear and easy to understand and actually DO :) And lots of little tips like stop cutting short of the hole so you don't go too far... I like those. Thank you Rachel!! Highly recommended! Sara

Testimonials from my Workshop Students:

Dear Rachel, I'm so glad I took your workshop.  It was organized so well and I really feel like I've learned a new passion.  I'm gathering tools to make more sandals. I can't help but feel more empowered now that I've made my own sandals.  I've worn them every day and can't stop looking at my feet! Thanks again and I look forward to taking more classes with you. All the best, Joan

Rachel, I wanted to send you a quick thank you note. I loved the workshop this past Wednesday — the tone you set for the space and your love for the craft created a specific kind of magic. I've taken a lot of different kinds of workshops in my life and Wednesday's workshop was one of my favorites. I'm hoping I'll have another opportunity to take a workshop with you here in SF or to perhaps travel to Portland to learn another kind of sandal. Thank you again, Jennifer


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